“What is it you seek?”

Solemn Profession
“What is it you seek?”
               “The love of God and a life in common with you.”
The Irish Province of the Augustinians gathered with the Shields family in John’s Lane Church in Dublin to celebrate the Solemn Profession of their brother and son, Stephen. This ceremony allowed us to share the moment when Stephen made his vows to commit to being an Augustinian friar for life. He joins a long line of Augustinians from all corners of the globe, and right across the ages since 1256, who found the common search for God in community life, as advocated by Saint Augustine, as the best way to seek God, find God and seek God again. When asked why he became an Augustinian, Luc Verheijen OSA responded that he “became an Augustinian to become a good Christian.”
An extraordinary life allowing the difficult task of being different to flourish. May Stephen find the God he seeks together with his brothers for many years to come.
John Hennebry OSA