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The Augustinians in Ireland Today

We are 82 friars in the Irish Province today. While we are getting somewhat older and fewer we are excited about the opportunities our present situation offers. Our roots in Ireland are deep and longstanding. There have been friars here since shortly after the Order was founded in 1256. The future will be smaller and different.

"Everything is changing; nothing remains static."

Thaddeus of Vitovnica

In our conversations and our meetings, we recognise the truth of this. Our tradition and our history are an inspiration and a source of encouragement for us; they are not chains that bind us or hold us back.

Our Ministry

We were founded to respond to the needs of the Church of the late 1200’s. We are still inspired by this call to respond to the needs of the Church today. On this website you will see our close involvement with our lay communities associated with our parishes, schools and churches around Ireland and our Lay Forum which is seeking ways to create communities of Augustinian spirit for these times. Our earliest traditions go back to Saint Augustine. Particularly in more recent years, we are rediscovering what a wonderfully rich legacy he has left us.

We respond to these needs at home and abroad. While most of us are in Ireland we still have a number of men in Nigeria, Ecuador, Kenya, North America, Australia and Rome. We also try to assist overseas projects, especially where there are other Augustinians present and where the needs are greatest. In recent times we have offered assistance in Korea, India, and in DR Congo.

In Ireland we minister in three Dublin parishes: Meath Street, Finglas and Ballyboden and we run John’s Lane Church, where we have had a community since it was opened in 1874.

Our most northerly community is in Drogheda and we have two secondary schools, one in New Ross and another in Dungarvan. We also have a community running the church in Dungarvan town. We also have a church run by our community in the ‘other’ capital, Cork, and a Church in Galway, Limerick and the town of Fethard in Tipperary.

Our Communities

One characteristic of the Augustinians in Ireland is our diversity of ministry and we strive to maintain that to allow the greatest expression of the gifts of the individual priests and brothers. We live and work and pray together and try to share our experience of community, the struggles and the joys, with those with whom we minister. We share that lived experience with our brothers from other Provinces too. Brothers from North America, Nigeria, Spain and other locations live with us while they pursue studies in universities here. Summer is a joyous time for us when students from all over the world come to our communities to study English. That afford us a peek into their culture, their traditions, their experiences and their provinces too!

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Augustinians and their lay associates work with the poor, the hungry, the uneducated, refugees, and others in need. Their efforts are inspired and encouraged by St. Augustine’s many writings and sermons on justice, peace, poverty and wealth.



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