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Let Us be Restless Together!

On March 21st we will gather in Kilkenny for our Synod, the first such gathering we have had in our 750 year history in Ireland.

At the Synod, building on the quiet work of our Forum over the past six years, we will seek to discern the future of the Augustinian mission in Ireland at this time of great challenge and change.

It will be a day of prayer and questioning and planning…an exciting day informed by the input, wisdom and inspiration of our communities all over the country.

We warmly invite you to attend.

Come and see! Be Restless!  Gather with us to voice your contribution - it will be held and heard respectfully.  Together let us journey and shape our Faith and our future.

Augustinians in Ireland have worked the length and breadth of the country since their first arrival shortly after the Order was founded in Italy in 1256.  Jesus Christ is our only reason for being and Saint Augustine of Hippo is our inspiration.  Presently there are Augustinian communities in 12 locations in Ireland with a variety of activities and works.

We recognise that our communities are a vibrant network which comprise our professed members and our lay brothers and sisters, our lifeblood, who welcome us when we arrive, support and accompany us when we are about and are saddened when we go. This network respects the variety but equality of our chosen vocations as lay, professed, ordained and other seekers.

The Forum, which is ongoing, is an exciting and vibrant opportunity for us to share our journey with each other.  As restless people with a God shaped vacuum at the core of our being, we experience the greatest fulfilment in community…time shared in prayer, work, conversation and relaxation together.  We make our road as we walk this journey together.

We constantly seek others to share the journey!  SO…


“Come and See”

Would you join us as a member of our Forum community?

“Let us be restless together”

Share your journey with others who share your love and your concern for the message~ Jesus Christ.

Our Faith. Our Church. Our future as Augustinians in Ireland

How does that look to you…how does that look to others?

Synod Registration - 21st March 2020

Be sure to register early as there are limited places. Downloaded the Registration Form HERE.

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