To you our praise is due *
in Zion, O God.
To you we pay our vows, *
you who hear our prayer.
To you all flesh will come *
with its burden of sin.
Too heavy for us, our offenses, *
but you wipe them away.
Blessed is he whom you choose and call *
to dwell in your courts.
We are filled with the blessings of your house, *
of your holy temple.
You keep your pledge with wonders, *
O God our saviour,
the hope of all the earth *
and of far distant isles.
You uphold the mountains with your strength, *
you are girded with power.
You still the roaring of the seas, †
the roaring of their waves *
and the tumult of the peoples.
The ends of the earth stand in awe *
at the sight of your wonders.
The lands of sunrise and sunset *
you fill with your joy.
You care for the earth, give it water; *
you fill it with riches.
Your river in heaven brims over *
to provide its grain.
And thus you provide for the earth; *
you drench its furrows,
you level it, soften it with showers, *
you bless its growth.
You crown the year with your goodness. †
Abundance flows in your steps, *
in the pastures of the wilderness it flows.
The hills are girded with joy, *
the meadows covered with flocks,
the valleys are decked with wheat. *
They shout for joy, yes they sing.
The sun rising.
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The Augustinians are a Catholic Religious Order made up of both lay and religious people. Our life is about living together in harmony as we journey with God and to God.


Augustinian Province of Ireland
St. Augustine’s,
Taylor’s Lane,
Dublin 16, D16YN32

Phone: 01-4851516
Email: [email protected]