“We are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song.” – St. Augustine
Dear friends of St. Augustine and the Augustinian Order,
Once again this Easter we shall come together in our homes, communities and churches to prayerfully celebrate the fact that even his cruel and bloody death on the cross of Calvary could not destroy Jesus’ love for all humankind. Jesus, who is the embodiment of God’s love, who taught nothing but love, could not be held prisoner by death. That means that there is no wrongdoing that his love cannot transform, no sin his mercy cannot forgive, no darkness his light cannot penetrate, no cruelty that can stand in God’s redeeming way. And here I cannot but think of the suffering peoples of Ukraine!
And all that Jesus asks of us is that we who have been touched by his love should follow his example by pouring out our lives for each other in a spirit of caring and sharing. Pope Francis put it very nicely when he said: “Our truest destiny, our deepest vocation is to be loved, to be transformed by love.”
And so, dear friends, let us again this Easter joyfully celebrate the great legacy Jesus has left us, his sisters and brothers: that love is what gives life, love is what transforms, love is what redeems, love is what lasts.
So let’s sing out loud and clear ALLELUIA
Happy Easter Everyone!
Fr. Tony Egan, O.S.A.
(Prior Provincial)
Tomb of Christ.
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The Augustinians are a Catholic Religious Order made up of both lay and religious people. Our life is about living together in harmony as we journey with God and to God.


Augustinian Province of Ireland
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Taylor’s Lane,
Dublin 16, D16YN32

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