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The spirit of the Augustinians School Trust is based on the values, charisms and traditions of the Augustinian Order. In a spirit of creative fidelity to the founder, St. Augustine of Hippo, we seek to address, through education, some of the needs of young people in Ireland today. In or commitment to continue in the Ministry of Education, we find our primary inspiration in the life and in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We place a high priority on the development of the religious faith of our students and we see the integration of both life and faith as our ideal.

In the School Communities, where we work, we seek to develop a view of reality which is firmly based on the values of the Gospel. Accordingly, our policies and practices reflect the Christian values of concern and justice. Furthermore, we are a learning community which values and respects all students equally. We recognize that each student is unique and has different gifts as well as needs. We are committed to providing an ordered learning environment, which encourages all students to strive to realize their full potential.

The Augustinians School Trust constantly strives for excellence and continues in confidence to build upon a proud history of providing quality Catholic education for its students. We value highly a close working rapport with the many partners; the teaching and ancillary staffs, the parents/guardians and the leaders of the local churches who share our commitment to education as a liberating and empowering experience in the lives of young people.

Our characteristic spirit is underpinned by a philosophy of education that has at its center the unique dignity of the human person as a child of God. The schools view the interaction of people from different backgrounds and the inclusive nature of each school as a gift that will enrich the community of each school, and in a wider context promote the growth and learning all. Therefore, the Augustinians School Trust values each student and their family, while also being sensitive and seeking to respond to each person’s individual needs.

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Two students remembering the deceased.
Honoring our deceased members.

Lord, in Good Counsel College, we pray for all our dearly departed. In you, may they enjoy eternal life and peace. Amen

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Unitas (Unity): The Augustinian idea of unitas is that the dignity of the human condition brings us together and that this profound unity calls us to a deep community spirit of friendship. It is also a call and challenge to respond to other individuals' needs and support the common good as we journey together through life.

Truth (Veritas): The large truths of the meaning of life, human destiny, and a loving God. Truth writ large concerning creation and re-creation in Christ, the Truth that sets us free.  It speaks to truths, as well - the truths of learning, beauty, and the sciences.  We are guided by what has been expressed as two great wings, reason and faith, with which we ascend to Truth – knowledge that leads to wisdom.

Love (Caritas): As we are loved so we are called to expressions of love.   To serve the common good, to care for those in need (cf. Mt. 25) and to announce the Good News in practical deeds, the search for justice, and affirmation of human rights in the public square are all expressions of the truth of things and the imperatives of that understanding.


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