The Archives

The Augustinian archives are the memories of our Irish province. As such, they have been generated by Augustinian Friars over many years. Therefore, we are committed to preserving these important historical records of Augustinian life. Additionally, our historical records are significant within the wider Irish context, as they trace social, political and economic change within Ireland. Furthermore, our archives contain an international element, as many of our Friars have travelled on the missions. For instance, Augustinian Friars have journeyed as far as Ecuador, Nigeria and Kenya. In doing so, our friars have spent much of their lives living with the peoples of these countries. Consequently, we have records from our friars' many travels worldwide.

Therefore, these historical records are incredibly important to us, but they are also valuable as snapshots of a different Ireland. As we value and support historical research into our archives, we strive to make them available to researchers. However, our archives are currently inaccessible to the public due to ongoing renovations. We want to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause researchers. We will endeavour to have the archives available again in the future. In the meantime, our Archives Policy can be viewed and downloaded below.

International Online Resources

Connect to the General Curia's online resources Here. From here you can find collections of various materials, which the Order has made available for online viewing. The material includes press releases, videos, documents and books.

Images from the Archives

An archive photo of Eamon de Valera visiting Saint John's Lane Church, Dublin.
An archive photo of Arch-bishop McQuaid visiting Saint John's Lane Church, Dublin.
An Augustinian bee-keeper tending a hive. Photo from the Augustinian archives.
An aerial photo of Orlagh, Dublin. Taken from the Augustinian archives.
An archive photo of two Augustinian students after writing 1941 in the snow.
A photo of Augustinians at prayer in Orlagh. Taken from the Augustinian archives.
Augustinians walking in file down the driveway to Orlagh.
An Augustinian with a Horse and cart.


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