Fr. Colm O’Mahony’s Story

Fr. Colm O'Mahony
Originally from Cork, Fr. Colm started out studying and working in Social Science and Social Care. Now, an Augustinian friar based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, one might well ask how Fr. Colm changed course to a life of community and prayer with the Augustinians. Or perhaps it was not that much of a shift! Let us follow the story some more and discover the man that has formed into the friar and the Order that has inspired the man. So, after leaving school in Cork Colm continued his education in UCC for three years, qualifying in Social Science in 1999. This degree opened the door to a life changing experience of working in residential centres for children and for people with specific needs. Working in such an environment comes with its rewards and challenges. As Fr. Colm says, No day was the same; I was working with people who were severely intellectually or physically disabled. Over two years I worked particularly with one young man who was autistic. I had to assist him in all aspects of self-care, social interaction and life skills. I learned so much from him; how a person’s personality can shine through even with such limits and how to communicate and be with someone without having to speak.”
Then something else began to emerge from within Colm’s life and that was a sense of vocation. As St. Augustine might put it, “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul,” and to dip one’s toe into the waters of any vocation is to step into a whole new world of discovery that will unfold from within and without oneself. So, in 2005 Colm did not just step in, but fully immersed himself in the Augustinian way of community life and rhythm of prayer. His first stop as a student was to Galway before he set off on an adventure of a lifetime and a world tour of the Order over the next few years. He lived, studied, worked and prayed for periods in the USA, Cork, Rome, New Ross and Dublin before eventually moving to Drogheda in 2013…
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